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“I was introduced to Vega my freshman year of high school playing for JV. Him and I immediately had an incredible coach-to-player connection. Our minds both break down the game in very similar ways, which makes working together that much more beneficial. He has broken down the game into very simple terms for me and it has contributed to a lot of the success I’ve had over the years. Without Vega I am positive that I would be no where near the player and person that I am today. He’s not only a coach or a friend, but more so my family.”


Oakland A’s Organization

“My experience with Coach Vega in the last 5+ years has been something special.Taking the word selfless to a whole different level, Vega will do everything in his power to make you not only a better baseball player but an even better person. There is no copy and paste coaching when you train with Vega. He took the time to understand where I needed to focus my training while continuing to improve where I was strong. Overall, Coach Vega has been the number one reason how I was able to become a college baseball player and continues to guide me.”


Belmont Abbey

“There’s more than just hands hips and feet to a swing. Coach Vega has helped me train different muscle groups in order to have a strong consistent swing.

Training with Coach Vega not only improved my gameplay but also improved my brain. The mental aspect of hitting isn’t trained enough. Coach Vega training the mental aspect of the game helps me have better at-bats to put myself in a position to show off the swing we worked on!”


Mercer County College

“Coach Vega is one of the best around. He provides a really good environment for baseball when you are training with him. The energy is always high and you are always learning as well as having fun. His knowledge for the game is incredibly high. Due to his young age and prior career in baseball, Coach Vega can always relate in anyway that you need either in between the lines or out. I’ve been to other trainers over the years, but I haven’t seen anyone like Coach Vega.”


Bryant University

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